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Selected Artworks

Mosaic Birds

Art & Artefact

This collection from two Brisbane Artist breaks rules in a joyful  Irreverent stand against trends and accepted norms… no landscapes.  We agreed to make objects and  pictures, one each of the objects, and display them together. 


Find out more about the exhibition here.

Black and White Series

I am fascinated by monochromatic painting, I love the ambiguity of painting with one colour. The Black and Whites are an ongoing series I return to often. Mostly Iconladys , different materials and sizes. I make these for myself, with no occasion in mind. 

Arras Art

Re-imagining domestic art (in Australia). Tapestry pictures have been treasured, derided and trashed, in my lifetime. I have always been fascinated by the role kitsch plays in everyday life. What memories are held in the objects. 

By working the Iconlady shape, in sequins, over the found tapestries, the picture becomes more than its whole. The Iconlady shape is (unconsciously) recognised by viewers (everyone) as essentially female. Sometimes historical, sometimes religious, sometimes mysterious. The shape, stitched in sequins, creates allegories, holograms, and new images on the underlying domestic, mass produced, tapestries.