Online Art and Artefact . My half….

ART AND ARTEFACT- Richard Randall Gallery, Toowong

19th-25th May 2022
The  half of the show that I prepared is presented here.

 All the paintings are on heavy white rag paper, watercolour, and measure 58 x 77 cm.  (Dancer – small 58 x 10cm, and Full Moon is acrylic paint.) Now framed. 

I have one print of each picture for sale . All prints on quality photographic paper.


Dancer, 58×77
Mosaic Iconlady – Green Hat, 58×77 cm.
Semco Doll, 58×77 cm.
Mosaic Iconlady, Orange, 58×77 cm.



Botox, 58×77 cm.
Mosaic Iconlady, Full Moon, 58×77 cm. Acrylic paint.
Rabbity, 58×77 cm. $
Mosaic Iconlady, Teacup, 58×77 cm.
Dancer, small, 58x10. $220
Dancer, small, 58×10 cm.  SOLD
Small Blue Bird72x49
Middle Blue Bird72x49cm
Large Blue Bird 72x49cm