2016: Iconic Exhibition

Iconic Exhibition

May 15th to May 29th, 2016.

ICONIC was a tightly curated collection of Textile pictures shown at Gallery 159, The Gap, a specialised textile gallery. The show was  well supported, and sales paid for my plumbing when the pipes all backed up… old house. 

The works in this Exhibition were a turning point for me as an Artist. Still using the Icon Lady as a vehicle I was able to take a leap forward, and explore my ideas. My practice has developed from here with the confidence gained and I still work two streams, fabric and paint. 

Who is the Icon Lady?

The Icon Lady shape began in the 1970s. I was looking for a clean edge for Textile and silk screen work. Now this shape acts like blank page for me, it’s the jumping in point, no more staring at empty space. 

The Icon Lady has taken on meanings and symbolism I couldn’t imagine back then. The shape is old as man himself, or herself.  When I present paintings with the Icon Lady she is recognised as female,  the Mother figure. There are historical and Religious layers to her too. The viewer always attributes their own experience and knowledge to the pictures, in spite  of what I may have been trying to say. 

An interesting fact, people who have bought my Icon Ladys have a special relationship with her and ALWAYS change the artworks name. She represents something deep and intrinsic in the purchasers physic. I happily pass her on to start a new life. 

Of course, over time, the pictures are self portraits representing various stages, trends, and fashions in my life. We have travelled far, The Icon Lady and me. I haven’t finished the journey yet, there is a lot still to explore. 

Photos from the Day

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