How I ended up selling beautiful textiles and fabrics from Thailand here in Brisbane Australia

My friend Joe has been in Thailand teaching English. While he was there he and a Thai-speaking friend, used the free weekends to travel all over Thailand and up to Laos, to buy silk for his collection.

How lucky am I?!

I can now offer some of these beautiful pieces he bought that he is not keeping in his stash.

The silks were purchased direct from the weavers where possible, in the village where they are made. Because of this, we can offer you superior quality at an excellent price.

I really wish I could have been there to visit these wonderful artisans and watch their incredible centuries-old techniques of hand weaving and dyeing silk and cotton for their traditional fabrics.

All pieces were selected by Joe who has a very discerning eye, they are timeless in design and colour.

He has purchased good tight weaves where he could, which relates to the quality of original silk thread used and also ensures they will survive many years of use, as clothing or home use and display.

I would keep them out of direct sunlight as many are natural dyes and some vegetable dyes.

Some patterns are traditional, still used today, and can be researched for tribe and area.

The same dyes can look different on silk and cotton

Silk shows dye on a different face, the silk makes the dye colour shine, quite often it’s the women who design the weave and do the weaving, rather than the men.

Laos weavers have the most exquisite skill in selecting their silk and weaving their patterns. Fine weave means the silk thread chosen is finer and makes the fabrics warmer.

For scarves, the finer silk weave, folded, is warmer than a heavier weave.

Ethnic patterns and soft muted colours are the hallmark of good Laos woven silk. The diamond shape and chicken design are repeated motifs in handwoven Thai silk weaving.

Muttmee woven silk from Khon Kaen in Thailand  is a decorator’s dream. Finely woven with gold pattern this fabric has wonderful sheen and drape, can also be used for light upholstery and special occasion wearables.

Joe also purchased some Khon Kaen cotton by the metre for home furnishing.

I feel so priviledged to now have the opportunity to show this Collection of exquisite silks and cottons to you, and if any of these is singing your name, please do feel free to place an order in the Store.

Thanks so much for reading my story, and I hope that the thought of owning some of these museum-quality textiles and fabrics is something which would bring joy to your life.

All the very best, do please write to me if you have any questions (via my Contact form) — I look forward to hearing from you.


Helen McIntosh

Brisbane, Australia